Apple iphone 7 explodes

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Apple iphone 7 explodes inside the box

Apple iphone 7 explodes
Apple iphone 7 explodes inside the box

Apple iphone 7 explodes inside the box, A Reddit user kroopthesnoop posted a picture of the exploded iPhone 7 this week. The user said when he received the order it has been exploded inside the box, may be there is an issue between factory and the delivery.

We all know that recently samsung launched Galaxy Note 7 which went too bad in the market due to battery explosion, It announced for battery development when they announcd the Note 7 users to return back.Where samsung will replace with the new developed unexpolding battery.But Apple is yet to announce about their product which has been exploded.

Airport authorities and Airlines corporations even asked passengers to not carry their Note 7s on board. Now, it shouldbe noted that the Apple iPhone seven explosion is AN isolated incident and therefore the actual causes square measure however unknown. So, we’d got to look out for different such incidents before deciding to cry foul at Apple.


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