Amazon Prime Video app to land on Apple TV in two weeks

In the build up to WWDC this past June, there were rumors that Apple would, at long last, announce Apple TV support for Amazon’s Prime Video service. Alas, WWDC came and went with no mention of Amazon whatsoever. A few months later, Apple introduced a brand new Apple TV with support for 4K streaming, and once again, there was no mention of Amazon.

For as great as the Apple TV is, the absence of a Prime Video app has long been one of the device’s more glaring shortcomings. While there is word that support is on the way, there’s no indication as to when that may actually happen. That said, MacRumors directs us to a Reddit user who claims to be an engineer at Amazon and who recently took to the Apple TV subreddit and said that an Amazon Prime Video app is on track to launch on October 26.

Responding to some user comments on the thread, the purported Amazon engineer added that the app will only be supported on the Apple TV 4 and the recently introduced Apple TV 4K. As far as worldwide availability, it will reportedly be available to both U.S. and Europe-based customers in just about two weeks.

Also of note, is the claim that users will be able to “purchase content through the app,” which if true, would seemingly provide iTunes with a little bit of competition on the Apple TV platform.

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