Redmi k20 Price in India, Release Date, Specs & Features

Redmi K20 price, Redmi K20 features, Redmi K20 Specifications

Redmi k20 Specifications and Features: Xiaomi has now recently launched two Redmi K20 Series smartphones in India today. This affordable flagship phones which were in the Redmi K20 series include, the Redmi K20 Pro and the Redmi K20. This Chinese smartphone major has also unveiled the special gold-diamond edition of …

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VPN for Android Download Free APK App

VPN for Android, VPN for free, VPN for android APK

What is a VPN? Keeping it in a nutshell, a VPN i.e. virtual private network is a security solution that grants all the users a very secure and private access to the internet. This accomplishes by redirecting data through an anonymous server which is designed to hide the sensitive user …

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AZ Screen Recorder For Android APK Download – No Root

AZ Screeen recorder

The AZ Screen Recorder is a fully-fledged screencasting tool which is used for the Android Operating System platform that starts from Lollipop and the above. With some simple and few intuitive user interfaces, it will deliver you some handy features at your fingertips in order to enable you to make …

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How To Clear Google history Completely?

How to delete Google history, How to clear Google history

How to delete Google history? One way to limit how much data you allow to be collected about you on the internet is by deleting your Google web-browser history and Google search history. Even in case you are someone who already uses the Google’s Incognito web browser, you are still …

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Windows 10 Tips And tricks

windows 10 tips, windows 10 tips and tricks

Best Windows 10 Tips And Tricks: Perhaps, Windows 10 is the last operating system from the Microsoft company. This is the new operating system that is being offered as a free upgrade to the Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users, for the first year, and it will be supported for …

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Best Mid Range Phones In 2019

XIAOMI POCO F1: The new xiaomi Poco F1 is the most obvious choice you can make in case you are a performance enthusiast. This device is rice effectively at Rs 19,999 at the the first flash sale, this Poco F1 also packs a flagship Snapdragon 845 SoC which comes with …

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How To Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone

recover deleted files, how to recover files from android

When you delete a file from your Android phone, the file will still remain on the same spot, only the space it occupies is marked as “unused”, which basically means space is available to save new data. And once the spot is used by any new data, the files which were deleted are overwritten and then they are deleted permanently.  …

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How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 10

how to recover deleted files, Recover files in windows

Now fortunately, the permanently deleted files can be recovered with prompt action. Steps to Recover the Permanently Deleted Files in the Windows 10 Below are the steps that you should follow in the sequence to get back all the permanently deleted files in Windows. Step 1: You may use Backup …

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